Get the latest and greatest technology news

August 10th, 2013

If you are someone who is very interested in technology, you probably like to know about all of the newest and greatest gadgets that hit the market, both so that you can learn more about them and so that you can potentially purchase them for yourself when they hit the shelves. Therefore, you could be wondering how you can find out more about the latest and greatest technology news.

One way to start learning more about all of the technological gadgets that are out Read the rest of this entry »

News and information on emerging technologies

June 25th, 2013

News And Information On Emerging Technologies

How To Stay In The Loop About Emerging Technologies
In a world rife with endless streams of new information and technology, how does one stay focused on the best new technologies? First, you have to find a few reliable sources that you trust. By this, I mean it would be worthwhile for you to find three or four very good websites that cater to your technological interests as Read the rest of this entry »

Find information on the latest on technology and prototypes

May 11th, 2013

For consumers who have an interest in owning the most sophisticated devices and coolest new products, keeping pace with new technology can be an important concern. Failing to educate yourself about the current crop of gadgets, electronics and other devices, as well as those that can be expected to hit the shelves in recent years, could be costing you many important opportunities. The information sources that can help you stay up to date about such matters may be worth investigating, as they will allow you to enjoy greater success in your efforts to find the hottest new Read the rest of this entry »

Stay up to date with interesting technology news

March 26th, 2013

In today’s world, new technological advances continue to be made on a regular basis. These advances affect everything from consumer devices to automobiles and more. Not everyone finds it easy to keep up with these constant changes. With that in mind, individuals should stay up to date with interesting technology news. Doing so comes with plenty of benefits, and nobody should ignore changing technologies. Such advancements help human beings in their daily lives in so many ways.

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Technology news: the fast, the furious, and the sleek

June 9th, 2012

Technology news reports on many of the newest trends that are occurring with electronic devices being used today. The pace of changing technology has led to the demise of traditional retailers as consumers increasingly using mobile devices and the Internet. This has led to fast, furious, and sleek trends for the newest technology devices.

Touch Computing

New devices on the market all use touch-screen technology. This is seen with mobile phones and tablet computers such as the iPad. Touchscreen computers may soon replace laptop and desktop computers to perform day to Read the rest of this entry »

Twenty-first century technology spirals onwards and upwards

May 28th, 2011

The biggest leap in technology that we are looking toward in the coming years is the increase of the virtual world interface. These types of programs have became popular on the iPhones and Android phones by allowing customers to take pictures of product and see what the price of them from their favorite online retailers. This type of product has more of an expanse than we can think.

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Technology keeps upgrading, stay ahead of the upgrade

May 10th, 2011

Technology, at the time of the writing of this article, is at an all time high. The growth rate of technology has increasing steadily. In other words, technology is not only advancing on a day to day basis, it’s also speeding up that advancing process. So, even if this blog post was written just a few days before it was read technology will have already advanced. It really is an amazing process to watch. Many people immediately become daunted when they try to keep up with upgrading technology.

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New technology for the twenty-first century

March 23rd, 2011

One of the most exciting technologies of the twenty first century is the introduction of ereaders and ebooks. Ereaders are well on their way to becoming ubiquitous though out our culture.The ebook is the digital culture’s answer to traditional paper books much like streaming video and mp3?s are to DVD’s and CD’s. Digital copies are much smaller than their real world items and thus are considered more convenient by today’s mobile digital consumers.Both ereaders and ebooks are very new technologies and their formats are in flux now. Currently neither manufacturers nor consumers know what we will end up with as a standard in the marketplace although there are a few international standards that are currently rearing up amongst their brethren.There are currently over one hundred ereader models competing for consumer attention in the marketplace. Thousands of ebook stores have sprung up all across the internet have vast selections of ebooks. Many of these bookstores have a vast array of books to purchase as well as download free of charge.One of my favorite websites that cover this amazing technology is called Electronic Book Readers & Ebooks, The website covers all aspects of this new technology including reviews, economic and political implications, free ebooks, and news in the industry.

Blu-ray players for every situation

January 5th, 2011

If you’ve been wanting to upgrade from your DVD player but haven’t found the time (or the money), good news is in the air. Blu-ray players are now cheaper than ever, giving you the option to pay only for the features you want. So decide what’s important to you from the list below and make the plungeinto the greatest home theater experience of your life.

3D TV: Sony BDP-S570 3D Blu-ray Disc Player For those who want to take advantage of the ever-growing library of Blu-Ray 3D movies (and already have a 3D TV), this is one of your best options. The player can also easily connect to your wireless internet network to stream Netflix, Pandora, Youtube, and a number of other applications. The BDP also stands out as the one of the fastest Blu-ray players currently available.

Video Games: Sony PS3 If you love video games, the PS3 is a no-brainer. It costs a little more, and it’s not as fast as standalone Blu-ray players, but those small costs pale beside the full multimedia experience the system offers. Play games from popular exclusive franchises like Uncharted and Resistance and then pop in a movie when your arms get tired.

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Do you want to go fast?

December 6th, 2010

Of course you do. Human beings are fascinated with speed, and even the most timid of us will probably admit some sort of attraction the quicker things in life. That’s why the fact that China has just set the new speed record for unmodified commercial trains should send a tingle down your spine. The speed? 302 mph (486 kph), set just a few months after an earlier Chinese train reached 262 mph. The train travels between Beijing and Shanghai, a trip which normally takes about ten hours but would only take around five at this rate. Researchers aren’t done yet, thoughthey’re hoping to ramp it up an extra 10 miles to hit 312 mph (500 kph). Read the rest of this entry »